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Decoshield Mosquito Repellent Refills

This bait-free, water-based repellent is top-rated for keeping your backyard safe from mosquitoes, the mosquitoes repellent features a decorative design with a chalotte-like design on the front and a backless design on the back. Each2-pack of Refills provides enough repellent to order in for up to a full bottle, the repellent is again safe for use on children, pet, and dog.

Decoshield Mosquito Repellent

Is a high-quality mosquito repellent that features 2-pack Refills for deco and attractants, this product is fabricated with a deco process that is used to create beautiful and designs. The repellent features a high degree of repellency against mosquitos and is furthermore free of harmful chemicals, additionally, the repellent is deco-friendly with a stylish design. This product is best-in-the-class for all types of homes and is unrivalled for use in the home and outside, the insect repellent is an unique insect repellent that is sure to protect your family! This re-usable insect repellent is manufactured with all natural ingredients in an unique design that will help you and your family stay safe from the infested. This product as well refillable so you can keep your family safe from the insect menace, this mosquito repellent refill2-pack grants a new, purposes-friendly way to keep your home clean and free of pests. Each pack of rescue mosquito repellent presents Refills for a total of 32 applications, this means you can keep your home clean and healthy by using this mosquito repellent refill2-pack. The repellent also works well when used on clothes, children, and any other flesh-covered area, the mosquito repellant refill2-pack is furthermore vegan and gluten-free. This mosquito repellent refill2-pack is splendid for saving your neck from the zika virus and other noxious diseases, it's also enticing for keeping your home safe from.