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Off Clip On Mosquito Repellent

The Off Clip On mosquito repellent fan unit is a circular shape that comes with 12 hours of fresh air, it is splendid for keeping your home or office mosquito-free.

Refillable Fan Unit Up To 12 Hours W/ 1 Refill
1 Fan + 1 Refills Pack , Sealed Pkg
Starter Kit + Refills

Off Clip On Fan Mosquito

By Johnson


Refills, 5 Boxes X 2 Refills  =10
1 Fan + Refill Pack With 2 , Sealed Off!
Fan + 3 Clip On Refills

Off Clip On Mosquito Repellent Refills

Are you concerned about those pesky mosquitoes? Conceding that searching for a substitute to keep yourself safe, examine our Off Clip On mosquito repellent refills, our new Off Clip On mosquito repellent fan starter circulating kit will start your day Off with a strong step. With this kit, you and up to 12 people can keep your home safe from these adds, the Off personal mosquito repellent fan is an excellent way to protect yourself from mosquitoes while you're On the go. The fan extends 5 Clip bugs that will keep you protected for 12 hours, this mosquito repellent fan comes with 8 refill Off clips. It is fabricated of durable plastic and is designed to be used at home or at the office, the mosquito repellent fan gives a distressed look that will make you feel safe when you are away from your enemy. This comes with 8 refills Off clips, the 12-hour timer On this product means that you can easily enough keep your home free of mosquitoes for that long. Mosquitoes are always a menace, so taking care of them is important, this product comes with two repellents in each bottle, so you can always have a little bit of repellent On hand. It also comes in a cool, cool box.